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Mittwoch, 22. Juli 2015

OH WOW, blog 'launch' 2.0, 3.0...I don't even remember, how many times I have changed my blog's name already, I lost track. Besides, uncreativity hit me so bad! That's the name I came up with. Well, name is not even the right term for that, I'm just really bad in those things. I remember years ago, it took me hours to find myself a more or less adequat username on all social media platforms. Anyhow, the former name does not correspond to the content of this blog anymore which is why it was indeed a necessity to change it. I have never even thought I would continue running this blog after returning back from China but ,as usual, things never turn out the way we expect. Since I'm quite into writing and blogging, I thought "why freaking not"?

To be honest, I'm not really sure what my topics will be focused on but most likey I will share with you my thoughts, travel diaries and random pictures.
I just need to get into the flow of writing again which means I won't be posting on a regular basis. 

Without further ado: Enjoy the content and please show some mercy towards my blog's name!

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