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Samstag, 31. Dezember 2016

NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS, do you have any? I used to have a few when I was a teenager but over the years I have learned that it doesn't need a year change to change oneself. Besides, I never sticked to my resolutions, anyway: Lose weight, go to gym, live a healthier lifestyle, achieve this and that...I mean, many women know those resolutions. But it doesn't need a specific date to do so. Right now, I let it come naturally, when time is ideal, miracles will happen. If someone has resolutions, that's totally fine for me but I like my life without them cuz I feel put under pressure...and that's something I try to avoid. 

I dont want goals for a specific year, I want life goals. Things you work on your entire life in order to become a better person for myself: I want to learn, grow, make new friends, embrace the failures, stay positive, travel the world, stay humble, become more confident, love myself, appreciate the people around me, be thankful for everything, be straight forward, don't judge, be my own chairwoman, don't take things for granted, face my fears and concerns, brighten my horizon, live unconditionally and JUST GET MY SHIT TOGETHER. ;)
 But those are things I've been working on the last 3 years already and I will continue so. All I want for me for next year is to make progress and grow. The other things will come naturally, I'm sure of that!

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