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Samstag, 15. April 2017

I feel like I forgot how to be alone again. It starts to feel...well, quite lonely. I used to embrace loneliness, I knew what to do with the time efficiently and how to entertain myself...but it's kinda awkwad now. The flat is almost empty...ofc, it's Eastern coming. Everybody's going home and I just got back from how. Admittedly, I could have planned way better but that's ok. I think, it's a new challenge again: Be alone and love it. Actually, I have so much workload that I could actually start decreasing it but at home, I am way too lazy. Let's be consistent: Gonna head to uni tomorrow, bunk myself into a room somewhere and just try to be productive..cuz I see it coming by the end of the semester: Tam overall stressed and in a bad mood. Sorry :P

Just found out that blogger released a few new blog designs I could use but I'm unsure: On the one hand, I'd be so down for renewal but I'm scared that I will end up fixing so much on my page. My skills from the past disappeared a long time ago. I used to spend so much time with adapting lines, pages, working with codes etc....too much time that I dont want it to be waisted. But it's actually not. I think I just like to stick to the well-known things...you know due to security and coziness...and I mean, my blog has been existing like this for the last 6-7 years, I love this simple design...still, maybe it's time for a change. But why do I need a change tho?

I've been thinking to travel to VN this year and I cannot tell you how crazy excited I am, excitement overloead for sure! I've been watching tons of vietnam vlogs, reading blogs, getting tips on how to travel this crazy but beautiful country with a bagpack...yeah, you can tell, I am more than excited for this trip! The catch is just...I dont wanna do this by myself. But maybe I will be. It's ok, whatever she will decide to do, it's ok. At least she's happy and confident with her decision!
One thing I learned from my time in China is: Being able to share certain moments and experiences with people makes the experiences a 100 times better. You laugh together, get lost together, take photos together and just live together. But I also learned that you come across so so many travellers that it's literally impossible to be alone! Even in Portugal we bumped into awesome people we spent the time with...but I know a bit more about Vietnam and it's craziness. Caution is the key. Can I be cautious all by myself? Is it naiv to think that I can travel by myself? Am I just over-thinking things? I mean, there have been so many women outside that have travelled through Vietnam all by themselves...so, why can't I do this? It's not like I am completely unaware of this country. Bagpacking alone would definitely be a new challenge...I still need to think about it. The only thing I know is: I REALLY wanna go and travel. It's been a looong aim of mine to travel completely through my parents country. As odd as it might sound, I dont wanna be the girl who doesnt know my parents home country. I dont wanna be the one to cant recommend things in VN, who cant give tips and advice on travelling this country. I'm kinda supposed to know so that's my motivation! Getting in touch with my parenty roots and becoming and authentic and proud expert.
Even have thought about the itinerary already! Starting in Singapor to meet up with a former Hong Kong roomie, 3-4 nights there with a daytrip to Malaysia...well, she knows, she's gonna prepare it. So, that's save for sure. After that, I wanna start in HCMC (southern) up to the northern (Hanoi) and fly back from there after spending some time with my relatives. From HCMC, I wanna go to places around HCMC for some historical insights, Da Lat, Nha Trang, Hoi An again (awesome place!), to a cave relatively near to Hue (an ancient city close to Hoi An), Ha Long Bay/Cat Ba Island for a boat trip (max. 4 days) and a few days in Hanoi. In total like 2-3 weeks (excluding Hanoi cuz I know this place). It sounds manageable...the thought of travelling alone is a bit terrifiying tho...cuz I am always scared of getting lost...pro is just I can communicate in Vietnamese, Internet/Google can help me out and I mean, I dont plan on motorcyling all by myself from HCMC to Hanoi...that would be another story tho...most important thing to remember here is: I have to keep an eye on my stuff! But that's also manageable. I will/can find company in Hostels...and if not, a few days just for myself are also nice. When I think about my work and travel plan through Australia and New Zealand, I'm confident about it..ofc, a bit fear is always important...but when I think about VN, I am more concerned...well, as I said, I'm gonn rethink the whole thing.
Right now, I am just fantasize...will wait if my friend will come along or not. Either way, I'm gonna go on Asia vaca this summer.

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