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Freitag, 23. Juni 2017

Usually, before I go to bed, I listen to music that calms my mind, Music that is slow, beautiful and just freeing. I feel free because I don't blame myself for having all those romantic pictures in my head. I am, indeed, a corny and romantic person, hands down. 
A dream might not always remain a dream, maybe, one day, it will be...real. One day, we will hold each other's hand, stand still and tight while we both glance at the stars and wait for the sunrise to come. On a flat roof, surrounded by candles and roses. Omg. It is corny, no doubt, but this picture in my head is too beautiful to surpress it. 

I enjoy my own company at the moment, I enjoy my imagination and the music that just absolutely mirrors my mood. I tend to have self-destructive thoughts like everyone else in a while. We are human-beings, we are a complexe and pensive species. It's ok. Music gives me this power. It can encourage me to just let myself fall. I listend to this music and just write down what I feel and think. It's like going with the flow. I love it.

Today, I'm gonna go to bed with positive and happy thoughts again. Because I can and because I want to. Have a good night everyone. Embrace the day, go to sleep and embrace the  upcoming days as well.

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