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Freitag, 30. Juni 2017

My several attempts of hunting and capturing sunsets. This idea actually came up because of a fellow student. She had a challenge going on with a friend of hers: Being more conscious and aware of your surroundings and environment. I liked the idea, so it brought me to those pictures.
I'm a huge fan of sunsets as they calm me down...but, admittedly, they increase my pensive moments too...it's fine, nevertheless. I am also surprised about the fact how those pics turned out. Some of them are so yellow-ish, others are blue-ish...I dont know why (ofc I edit them slighty but it doesnt affect the actual temperature of the picture that much) but it's super interesting how different the city looks like in different lightenings/sunsets.
As beautiful as this city might me...I am so excited about being out of here soon. It's been a great time but I need some changes asap. Internship (6th semester), I am ready for you!

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