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Sonntag, 23. Juli 2017


Well, the little story that I am about to tell you might sound a little bit crazy but I was keen on going to this place but had no car. So, I wanted to go to the Saxon Switzland for the second time because I havent seen those really famous and huge rocks. I had no one here with a car...at least no one I knew around here. I decided to ask on "Jodel" (a social platform where you can write anything anonymously) wether someone was down for going there. Cuz I put this place on my bucket list a while back. And lucky me, there was someone responding. A guy who studies as well...computer science. I dont really know what is going on between me and those computer science guys but I always end up hanging out with them. Not that I mind at all, I like those guys...but it's awkward haha. This guy was pretty young but super funny. Ofc, nerdy (what a cliché) but I had a wonderful day. After our hiking and exploring trip, I met a few fellow student for dinner. I invited him to join us as he was so kind to drive me all the way there...I am happy and grateful! Enjoy the rest of your sunday!

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