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Donnerstag, 20. Juli 2017

It's an pretty unspectacular day...but the sun is shining today...it's been a long time! Anyways, while I was tanning outside with my roomie, I glanced at my scar on right knee...I love telling the story behind it to people. It reminds me of the past...the time I spend with an old good...friend. I think, I can call him a friend. He used to be my neighbour on the first floor. I loved his wisdom, heart and open-mindness. But I never really got the chance to express my appreciation and gratefullness as I was still pretty young. But after years have passed...I suddendly felt the need to contact him. Tell him, how much I enjoyed the time back then and how much I felt welcomed in his home. He was a little bit like a grandfather I never had, I feel like. It is better to tell him all that now instead of never. And the good thing about it, is: Spreading thankfulness and appreciation doesnt cost a damn thing. The only side effect I can imagine is a smile on the other person's face. I hope that I can achieve that...that's all I wish for. And of course, I wish for his well-being. I am nervous about the outcome...but I am excited if it works out. Fingers crossed tightly!

Do you have a person in life that you are thankful for but you  never really said it out loud? Why not change it?
Enjoy the day, enjoy the sun and spread love.

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